Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Guy Season 8, Episode 17 : The Finest Cartoon.

This episode was created by Gary Janetti. It received mostly positive reviews from critics for its serious dialogue, but poor reviews for its gross-out humor. The plot of the story was built really well. It was all connected with full of emotions and conflicts, that does not look like it was made up, but, rather naturally. To understand all this conflicts and emotions, first you have to understand Brian's and Stewie's charactes.

Frightened by the closed door, Stewie soils his diaper. Then the plot started. Brian have to 'remove' the poo, by eating it, but he refuse and he said he better kill himself rather then doing that. Then, Stewie got to know that in the deposit box, Brian keep a gun.The gun conflict changed, when Brian suddenly remembered that Stewie bring along with him a cellphone. But, Stewie wasted it to call the jacket's manager. Raged by it, Brian slapped Stewie, making him cry. He felt awful, so he agreed to eat his poo.

The second day, Brian bring out his liquor from deposit box, and drink it with Stewie. Then they all drunk, and Brian pierce Stewie's ear. Gary Janetti express the character of drunk Brian and Stewie really well. Then the conversation started. They talking mainly about the purpose of life. Offended by Stewie, that said he have no purpose of life, Brian pointed his gun to Stewie. Then they started having a conflict once again. And the conflict seems fit really well. 

The ending of the episode, is when Stewie questioning Brian why he have a gun. Brian explaining that, he keep that to commit suicide. A symbol of escapism, from the dreadful world. A symbol of giving up life. And the Scoth also a symbol of the last sip. Then, they expressing their feeling about their friendship, about they needing each other, about a friend that they cannot live with.

Watching this episode is such reading a Gogol's masterpiece. Some say, maybe if Seth put some effort in it, take out the gross humor, they can produce more than just a cartoon. Many critics interested in their serious and sentimental conversation. Some of them said that they absolutely captured by their discussion throughout the episode. 

 "Beneath all of the more disturbing elements there's actually some very thoughtful, mature discussion of suicide and what love means amidst it all."



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