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Billionaire Russia, Khodorkovsky.

Kes ni berlaku 5 tahun lepas, tapi sejak kebelakangan ni, semakin meningkat balik sebab kes mahkamah yang baru-baru ni berlaku. Kes mahkamah tu, lain cerita. Tapi, yang herannya, macam mana negara bukan Islam yang bekas Komunis ni boleh memenjarakan seorang yang berpengaruh dalam dunia, bilionaire dunia. Memang boleh dikatakan layanan penjara terhadap Khodorkovsky ni mesti istimewa. Tapi, tetap masuk penjara, harta lesap. Mungkin jugak boleh dikatakan ni semua Putin punya pasal. Panjang pulak ceritanya pasal Putin ni. Kat bawah ni ak ambik point-point secara ringkas pasal Khodorkorsky ni. Sumber ak pun semua ada kat link dibawah. Aku cuma copy+paste yang ak rase main point. 

  • Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky, is a Russian enterpreneur, businessman and philanthropist
  • Residence: Moscow,  Russia, Industry: Oil/Gas, Marital Status: married , 4 children, Bachelor of Arts and Science.
  •  Khodorkovsky made a fortune in the early 1990s in banking and commodities; in 1995 bought oil giant Yukos from the state at a fraction of its market value. in 1999-2000, started bringing in Western directors, managers and auditors; made Yukos Russia's largest company by market cap.
  • Khodorkovsky was the wealthiest man in Russia, and was the 16th wealthiest man in the world
  • No 26 on World's Richest People 2003, No 101 on World's Richest People 2002, No 194 on World's Richest People 2001, No 1 on Russia 100 2004.  Forbes
  • His wealth evaporated because of the collapse in the value of his holding in the Russian petroleum company Yukos
  • The list includes two Russians: Former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his business partner Platon Lebedev. 
  • Khodorkovsky and Lebedev were arrested in 2005 and are serving an eight-year sentence for fraud and tax evasion. They are now also accused of stealing 350 million tons of oil. Both men deny the charges and claim investigations against them are politically motivated. 
  • He was number one in oil in Russia, but his ambition was to become number one in the world.

The list of billionaire convicts from all corners of the globe: Chinese tycoon Wong Kwong Yu,  former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was charged with terrorism, Joaquim Guzman Loera, and Turkish Cem Uzan.
It was the first of a series of public meetings set up to give people the impression that both the host and his prominent guests were concerned about corruption and bad business ethics. Of course it was shown on national television and reported in the national press. Standard procedure to publicise political stunts without committing oneself to anything concrete. 
British journalist, writer, and broadcaster Martin Sixsmith sets this key scene, and spells out the detailed background and the significance of the clash in a Russian context in his brilliant new book Putin’s oil: The Yukos affair and the struggle for Russia
It is a good read with all the qualities of a well-written political thriller. That is a bonus, however, for the real treat Sixsmith’s book offers is the way he untangles the Yukos affair involving very complex and covert moves, Russian and international politics, hosts of crucial players, victims, subsidiaries, holding companies, and alleged murders. Independent World Report.

Many years later I talked with people and asked them, why didn't you start doing the same thing? Why didn't you go into it? Because any head of an institute had more possibilities than I had, by an order of magnitude. They explained that they had all gone through the period when the same system was allowed. And then, at best, people were unable to succeed in their career and, at worst, found themselves in jail. They were all sure that would be the case this time, and that is why they did not go into it. And I"--Khodorkovsky lets out a big, broad laugh at the memory--"I did not remember this! I was too young! And I went for it.


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Kesian dia masuk penjara. Ni kira tahanan politik ke?

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